WOOD ACCENT is not just a brand, it’s a philosophy of life.

Our workroom is the place where hand-made, solid wood tables are created. Our tables are made from blue-ribbon boards of various tree species from Poland. They are imported from the far corners of the world. Each of our tables providing us with its unique story, written on the board, seeing in the unique wood grain and knot holes, in scratches, cracks and discolorations.

We love the nature, adoring her purity and unpretentiousness. That is why our products are ascetic, of the pure form and unique. Their minimalistic style perfectly suits to every interior. We deeply believe that back to basics of the craft, as well as the perfection of hand-made, make our products so natural and distinctive.

WOOD ACCENT is the name of a Polish family company whose founder is visual artist Andrzej Ladyga. It was established in 1982. The company specializes in manual manufacturing of luxury solid wood products. The entire production process is performed manually by highly qualified craftsmen in production plant near Cracow.

At the very beginning of its operation, the company designed and produced veneered furniture from wood, from furniture boards, using a wide range of modern materials. The furniture were made on client’s individual request. The firm dealt with interior design, as well as entire domestic and apartments furnishings.

A family-run company is now being run by the second generation. Due to this fact, the nature of the business has changed. We do not make such things as the project total interior design. We just make them alive due to adding a strong accent — the beauty of the wood, in other words, WOOD ACCENT furniture.